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Each employee who participates in the cleaning process, in addition to durable and ergonomic accessories, also needs appropriate clothing. Employee safety and health is a high priority for every workplace, therefore our offer includes personal protective equipment such as waterproof aprons and ULTRA HYGIENIC® waterproof clothing.

ULTRA HYGIENIC® clothes are long jackets and bib pants perfectly adapted to the working conditions. Cleaning a food processing plant is hard work in damp, with chemicals, in unpleasant odors. Waterproof clothing facilitates work and protects the employee from getting wet during cleaning processes and contamination with waste. Pants and jackets have numerous reinforcements, protective strips and ventilation holes. They can be rinsed directly on the worker.


Did you know that ULTRA HYGIENIC® waterproof clothing is available in several sizes. They are spacious so that the employee can wear thermal clothing underneath.

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Waterproof clothing – the best protection for employees

Waterproof work clothing must enable the performance of a wide variety of work, sometimes very heavy, and therefore must be highly resistant to damage. Work clothes should meet the requirements for both resistance to various factors harmful to health and an appropriate level of air permeability. We specialize in protective clothing for employees made of the highest quality materials that offer optimal water resistance and water resistance. Our pants and jackets are highly resistant to tearing, tearing or other mechanical damage. Our assortment includes waterproof clothes, incl. jackets and pants from which you can create a complete work outfit. We offer clothes available in several sizes, so that the employee can comfortably put on thermal clothing underneath. Everyone will find something for themselves in our offer.

Why is waterproof clothing so important?

Working outside the building is often associated with the need to perform duties in unfavorable weather conditions. In bad weather, when it is raining or snowing, waterproof clothing will protect your body from rainfall, keeping you comfortable and preventing you from getting wet. In addition to protecting against moisture, professional waterproof clothing will allow the skin to breathe and provide freedom of movement. The uniforms, waterproof work trousers, waterproof work jackets, etc. we offer are made of materials with very high parameters of water resistance and breathability, in accordance with the requirements of health and safety regulations. All our waterproof clothing provides effective protection and is also inexpensive to buy.

Waterproof clothing for industrial plants

Industrial plant owners who want to take care of the health and safety of their employees must provide them with appropriate personal protective equipment. Workplaces are obliged to provide employees with all necessary items intended for use in a given position, in particular work clothing and footwear. Work clothes are designed to provide protection against various hazards, such as exposure to high temperatures, contact with chemicals, moisture and UV radiation, when the employee works outside. Waterproof workwear is the perfect choice for anyone working in water-related environments. One of the places where this type of equipment will come in handy is the production plant. Protective waterproof clothing (e.g. waterproof apron, waterproof dungarees, waterproof work jacket, etc.) ensures the highest comfort of work even in very unfavorable conditions. By choosing our waterproof clothing, you can be sure that you give your employees the best protection against water and wind.