CleanAccess sp.z o.o. Quality Policy operating in the area of the cleaning systems accessories, other equipment made of stainless steel and the provision of CNC services, focuses on providing our customers with products and services of the highest quality. The company works in accordance with the Lean Management standard and regularly improves the processes and qualifications of the entire team through a series of training sessions and implementations, which guarantees the company’s stability and high position on the market. At the same time, respect and protection of the natural environment is a priority for management and employees and is an indicator of production activities.

Each employee of our team is responsible for the development of Quality Management Systems and is aware and respects the assumptions of CleanAccess Quality Policy.

CleanAccess Management Board actively participates in the implementation of the objectives set, and Quality Policy is also a declaration of the Management Board of the company to provide adequate resources to achieve the above objectives and improve the organizational system.


CleanAccess is involved in the protection and preservation of the environment politics, minimizing negative impact and constantly looking for new solutions at all activity stages. We try to do business in an ethical and sensitive to social and cultural problems way, economic and environmental, both locally and and globally.

We support the Zero Waste style, trying to generate as little waste as possible do not pollute the environment.

We segregate waste and encourage employees to protect the environment in the workplace and at home. All received packages are recycled.

We strive to act responsibly to help people and organizations that will positively influence on the society in which we operate.

Our products are durable and thanks to this they don’t run out quickly, last longer without generating waste.

We try to use the minimum amount of packaging materials. Large overall products are usually shipped in the unfolded form, which gives smaller packaged, reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Deciding to buy new machines and production line equipment both we follow the technical parameters and and issues related to their economic work. Great importance is also the opportunity to maximum use of raw materials in order to reduce the amount of generated waste.

Decisions about choosing office equipment are also dictated by arguments associated with their economic and low energy consumption level.

When choosing suppliers, we pay attention to environmental issues through providers ownership of environmental certificates.


CleanAccess sp. z o.o. mission is the production of accessories for cleaning systems, stainless steel equipment and the provision of CNC services in accordance with customer expectations, thus guaranteeing their high quality and reliability.

The company’s policy is implemented as part of the Quality and Environment Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 with the full commitment of the management and all staff. The high quality of products and services means that CleanAccess has many satisfied customers around the world and annually increases its sales market. The quality of production is confirmed by the company’s certificates and references.

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