ULTRA HYGIENIC® + Safety First 

Maintaining hygiene in food production plants is hard and responsible work, involving a huge risk. Each of the plants aims to minimize the risks, taking care of the quality of its products and the safety of consumers. We perfectly understand the high demands placed on producers in the food sector in terms of quality and hygiene standards, which is why we have created a brand of products:


We are a producer, and we created ULTRA HYGIENIC® + Safety First products from design, through the test phase, mass production, to their implementation at the largest food producers in Poland and in the world.

ULTRA HYGIENIC® + Safety First is a selected group of accessories that have unique properties and meet the most stringent hygiene and safety standards in the food industry. You can find here:

  • color-coded accessories
  • products with antimicrobiall properties
  • products detectable by metal detectors
  • extremely durable and hygienic accessories

The aim of creating the ULTRA HYGIENIC® + Safety First product range was primarily the desire to provide our customers with products that completely solve their existing problems and significantly affect the level of hygiene and safety in production plants.


CleanAccess keeps track of and follows the latest hygiene standards. Designing and creating our products, we try to adapt them to the needs of the market, and above all to HACCP, IFS and BRC standards. One of such solutions are ULTRA HYGIENIC® cleaning hoses available in 4 colors. This solution allows the use of a hose of a certain color only within one zone, which completely eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination. In addition to the washing hoses in the color coding, there are also available female quick couplers protections, which when plugged in the valve or washing gun additionally indicate which color of accessories is valid in a given production zone.


Risk of product contamination from foreign objects is one of the most dangerous risk nowadays. If they are not detected, they can cause damage to equipment, costs incurred by product recalls, damage to business reputation, and in the worst case, serious injury to someone. That is why CleanAccess decided to introduce Metal Detectable products. One of the products that has the greatest contact with the washed surface and production machines is nozzle protection. If you want to avoid contamination caused by shrapnel nozzle protection and you use a metal detector – we have a solution.


Products have antimicrobial and bacteriostatic properties which significantly affects the cleaning and disinfection processes, reducing the possibility of surface cross-contamination, coming from the nozzle protection material. Antimicrobial Polsilver additive limits the growth of bacteria, including E. coli and S. aureus up to 92.1%.The antimicrobial properties test hasbeen carried out according to ISO 22196,2011 – Measurement of antibacterialactivity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.


Accessories that are used during the cleaning process in such sensitive areas as food processing should guarantee safe and hygienic production of food. In addition, these products should be characterized themselves by hygienic design, easy of cleaning, safety of use and durability, thanks to which time and money related to their exchange and purchase of new ones can be saved. CleanAccess produces accessories that will help meet the requirements of IFS, BRC and TESCO standards