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HYGIENIC hoses used for the low pressure cleaning system are extremely flexible and durable. They can be used for hot and cold water. The HYGIENIC hose is also resistant to certain chemicals. Like each of our hoses, it complies with the European requirements for food substances. The hoses have a sandwich structure, with textile reinforcement, which allows for high flexibility and durability. The lint-free blue outer cover is resistant to oils, greases and detergents.

The HYGIENIC hose is recommended to be used with crimped or twisted fittings for convenient mounting to guns or valve. The additional use of a swivel makes the work easier, the hose does not twist when turning the gun.

hygienic low pressure hose

Do you know that we will soon offer HYGIENIC color-coded low-pressure hoses. In addition to blue, they will be available in yellow, red and green.

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Effective water supply – low pressure HYGIENIC hoses

We offer a large selection of hoses intended for ordinary and industrial water. Our hoses are suitable for general industrial use, therefore they can be used, among others in installations located in production plants. Our assortment mainly includes flexible and durable pipes with a sandwich structure that can be used for washing with cold and warm water. Flexible water hose won’t twist, kink or tangled. It can be freely bent without fear of restricting the flow. We also offer color-coded washing hoses for the central washing system. The flexible low pressure cleaning hose also saves a lot of space. Water pump hoses and mains water hoses available in our offer are characterized by excellent tightness and exceptional resistance to various factors. Thanks to a special outer layer, they are resistant to disinfecting and cleaning agents. The applied layered structure means that the tightness of the washing hose will not be affected even by prolonged contact with the water stream.

Cleaning hoses for the food industry – the HYGIENIC series

Our offer includes a variety of accessories, both for central cleaning systems and for cleaning systems based on mains water. Flexible water hoses will allow water to be supplied to different areas of the facility. Such elements are an integral part of the cleaning system in any production facility in the food industry. An exceptionally high level of protection is ensured by professional hoses for low pressure cleaning from the ULTRA HYGIENIC®  series, characterized by antimicrobial properties. Each HYGIENIC water hose meets the strictest hygiene and safety requirements. We offer cleaning hoses for the food industry that differ in diameter, color, material and length.

Color-coded low pressure mains water hoses

We try to be flexible in our activities. We carefully follow trends and pay attention to market needs. In response to customer expectations, we are constantly raising the bar and expanding the range with new products that have an impact on the increase in hygiene and safety standards of food production. Our offer includes high-quality color-coded flexible hoses for water. Color-coded HYGIENIC water hoses are the solution for the most efficient, safe and hygienic operation. Color coding of cleaning equipment (e.g. blue, yellow, red and green) is an essential part of any food safety program.