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A wide variety of tools and accessories are stored in the production or warehouse space. Hanging helps to organize the space, but also allows, for example, to dry in the right position after washing or protects against deformation if the item is placed on a shelf or floor. Hooks for industrial use should be durable, hygienic, easy to clean, difficult to dismantle and durable. Such possibilities are offered by stainless steel.

In confined spaces or difficult working conditions, simple hooks can pose a risk to workers or parts of plant and equipment in the area. They can cut or damage the surface if they fall or come into contact. Some manufacturers protect the ends of the mandrel with balls that do not allow hanging items with a small hole. The solution is safe hooks and stainless steel handles. A unique, proprietary range of safe and hygienic stainless steel hooks for industrial use, includes different sizes of hooks, handles and safety rails. Their unique design allows you to hang tools with a small hole – they have a narrow support pin. Safe handles are adapted to tools and accessories that do not have holes, such as buckets, jugs, scrapers or mixers.


Stainless steel hooks and holders can be laser marked.