SAVE WATER quick couplings and lances

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The water crisis is becoming more and more noticeable

“The earth is covered in 70% of its surface with water. Only 0.1% of these resources are drinkable. Already over a billion people on Earth suffer from limited access to drinking water. There are already wars over water in the world and people are migrating to places with easier access to water. This is just the beginning of the catastrophe that awaits humanity if we do not quickly start restoring and conserving water resources. There will be no developed life forms on Earth without clean, good water. We won’t be here either. That is why it is so important to take all available actions related to the protection of water resources anywhere in the world.»

 Łukasz Misiuna

Łukasz Misiuna

We do not respect water resources that are running out and we keep making the same mistakes. Drinking water resources are running out at an alarming pace, making it an increasingly expensive resource. Water in the food industry is used in technological processes – as a product, thinner, cooling agent or washing agent. Bad washing practices are still observed, where rinsing takes place directly from the quick coupling or valve (without the use of lances), wasting this valuable medium. In this situation, we do not control the amount of water used in the hygiene process of the food industry.


For an increasing number of food producers, environmental protection and sustainable production, as well as the use of natural resources, energy and water consumption are key efforts in development. On this basis, the corporate social responsibility is assessed, which is not only an image-related issue, but also an indicator of economy. There are stock exchange indices assessing whether obtaining, for example, water does not cause degradation of the region in which the plant is located. Consumers are also more and more aware of their choices, which is why more and more companies see that it is worth offering products made with respect for ecology and ethics. Consumers are not only guided by attractive prices, but also pay attention to ecological and sustainable products.

Everything in our hands…

A model plant where 25 washing points work for 4 hours a day and do not use lances, but rinse directly from the valves, within 14 days will «waste» the amount of water filling the entire Olympic pool. Rinsing without lances means that we use 306.9% * L more water


This is 3.5 million liters of wasted water, which turns into unnecessary sewage after washing. It is also a waste of excess energy used to heat water and the operation of CSM pumps. In addition, this type of bad practice causes rinsing of seals (O-rings) from quick couplings, which makes it difficult to work during washing processes. The constant use of lances allows you to save water, energy, improves the use and reduces the wear of the devices, incl. pumps..

* [The measurement was performed at the same time, using a standard quick coupler and SAVE WATER, with a point lance calibrated 0020].

The answer to the challenge – SAVE WATER

The solution to the redundant and pointless use of water is the SAVE WATER quick coupling. Mounted on a valve or gun, it protects the washing point against improper use – rinsing without a lance, directly from the quick coupling or using by unauthorized persons. Staff or external persons not required to use the washing point will not be able to start the washing point without access to the SAVE WATER lance.


The unique design of the SAVE WATER quick couplings allows for almost complete shut-off of the water flow with an open stream of water. There is very little water running out, which makes it impossible to use. It is necessary to attach the SAVE WATER lance to be able to take full advantage of the washing point.


This solution protects the female quick coupling and seals while eliminating improper rinsing practices directly from the quick coupling. It also restricts access to the use of the washing point. The use of the SAVE WATER quick coupler gives measurable water savings, reduction of the amount of sewage and electricity.


The SAVE WATER female quick couplings should be used only in sets with the SAVE WATER lance, which will ensure proper operation of the entire set. Using a regular lance will prevent the opening of the full water flow. The SAVE WATER lances can be used with any female quick couplings.

quickcoupling SAVE WATER

Additional protection – ULTRA HYGIENIC®

SAVE WATER female quick couplings and SAVE WATER lances are equipped with ULTRA HYGIENIC® covers. These covers are available in 4 colors, which additionally allows for color coding. Metal and X-Ray detectable shields are also available. All covers are made of plastic with the addition of anti-MICROBIAL, limiting the multiplication of bacteria, mold and fungi.

The covers are made by overmoulding on the quick couplings, which completely eliminates slipping. The hexagonal shape of the quick coupling and lance covers prevents them from rolling on an inclined surface. The quick coupling connection system allows you to conveniently change the lance with a valve or a gun, which facilitates and speeds up the work.

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