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Our full offer can be found in the catalog that you can download from our website.

All fasteners included in our offer are made only of stainless steel. When designing connectors, we are guided not only by quality and utility values, but also hygiene. We limit the possibility of any gaps, cavities and gaps to a minimum. The quick couplings and ends are made with flat sealing, which is extremely hygienic. The combination of two flat elements with the use of a Teflon gasket guarantees perfect sealing, where dirt and bacteria do not accumulate.

Each detail manufactured by us is subject to quality control with the use of a certified thread gauge. The products are also subject to hydrostatic tests on an ongoing basis.

Female quick couplings with anti-microbial and anti-microbial shield detectable by metal and X-Ray detectors are safe and hygienic solutions for quickly connecting components of accessory washing systems to each other. Designed and assembled by us, they are reliable, ideally suited to ULTRA HYGIENIC® ball valves and CSM guns.

save water

Did you know that we were the first to introduce ULTRA HYGIENIC® female quick couplings with shields detectable by metal detectors and X-Ray detectors. They are perfectly matched to male quick couplings, ensuring easy and safe operation.

ultra hygienic

The ULTRA HYGIENIC® female quick coupling in the color-coded antimicrobial cover is the perfect solution when you need to quickly connect the cleaning system components with each other.

ultra hygienic

The female quick coupling in the ULTRA HYGIENIC® detectable cover by metal and X-Ray detectors is a guarantee of safety. Available with male and female threads.

save water quick coupling

SAVE WATER female quick couping with ULTRA HYGIENIC® cover. The unique design makes it possible to cut off the water flow almost completely when disconnecting the lance, with the valve unscrewed. Eliminates improper flushing practices directly from the quick coupling.

Twisted and crimped hose ends facilitate work, and provide a hygienic and convenient connection of the hose to the gun or drum. Available for CCS and low pressure hoses.

The swivel joint allows you to connect the hose to the gun or valve in a hygienic and durable way, and additionally eliminate twisting of the hose when turning the gun.