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The new line of Clean FOAM PLUS satellites has been designed and made of stainless steel in an aesthetic and durable way. The construction of the satellites is hygienic and safe for the user. Our team’s many years of experience have allowed us to develop a technology that is easy to use and service, incl. easy to disassemble and repair injector. The satellites are equipped with additional solutions, such as holes for hanging lances.

Additionally, our offer includes fully equipped mobile cleaning stations.

The range of CleanFOAM satellites includes simple satellites for one chemical (Clean FOAM ONE, PLUS and PLUSi), but also satellites for two chemicals (CleanFOAM DOUBLE PLUS and DOUBLE PLUSi) and with central chemical dosing (Clean FOAM CENTRAL2 and CENTRAL2 PLUS). Satellites equipped with a local injector are easy to use and clean. Manual control makes your work easier.

The stainless steel housing is hygienically shaped and designed to avoid sharp edges.

satelita clean foam
satelita clean foam
clean foam

Do you know that each satellite model has a sloping roof and a bottom (with additional holes) to prevent accumulation of chippings. Additionally, each model is equipped with ULTRA HYGIENIC® stainless steel ball valve with female quick coupler. Additionally, each model can be equipped with the SAVE WATER female quick coupler to optimize water consumption.

Use our cleaning points assembly manual to optimally design your workspace!

Clean FOAM cut off system
automatyczny zawor powietrza
satelita powietrze

The new generation of Clean FOAM satellites of the PLUS, PLUSi, DOUBLE PLUS, DOUBLE PLUSi and CENTRAL series with the PLUS option is equipped with a compressed air shut-off valve when the satellite is set to rinsing mode.

  • This protects the entire system from compressed air leaks from the satellite and the compressor from excessive wear.
  • Saves compressed air and reduces energy consumption.
clean foam satellite
clean foam satellite
clean foam satellite

Pressurized water (from the Central Unit) is transported via the installation to washing points – to the satellites. In the case of a decentralized system, the dosing of the chemical agent is handled manually at each washing point (by means of nozzles or needle valves), and in the case of a central system, dosing is carried out automatically for all points.

Workstation – foam cleaning device

The Clean FOAM satellite enables all hygienic processes – rinsing, foaming and disinfection. The station is connected to a compressed air installation, which enables the generation of foam. CleanFOAM satellites come in several versions, but for each type you can easily select the appropriate cleaning steps manually.

Stationary cleaning point

A stationary cleaning point is a fully equipped washing, foaming and disinfecting station. It consists of: a workstation – a satellite, a hygienic hose on a self-winding drum, a lockable safe hanger for canisters with a chemical preparation (with decentralized washing systems), a valve or a gun and a set of lances. Each washing point enables cleaning and disinfection processes to be carried out within the radius of the installed hygienic hose.

Mobile cleaning point

Mobile points are used in the production space where the installation of a stationary point is uneconomical or technically impossible. It is also advantageous in areas that do not require frequent washing or the washing space is very large, scattered. The mobile point is installed on a hygienic stainless steel trolley, which allows easy transport throughout the production plant.