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It is extremely important to use the appropriate lances for the type of dirt and the surface to be cleaned during the cleaning process. A lance with a selected and properly calibrated nozzle significantly affects the effectiveness of the washing process, shortens its time, and also allows you to reduce the costs associated with the consumption of utilities – water and chemicals. The angle of the water stream as well as the flow should be adapted to the type of surface being cleaned and the stage – rinsing, foam application, disinfection.

ULTRA HYGIENIC® lances and nozzles

They are intended for rinsing, disinfecting and foaming in the central foam cleaning system. They are available with three different types of shields: color-coded antimicrobial, metal detectable antimicrobial and stainless steel. Nozzle covers with antimicrobial properties protect the nozzle against the rapid multiplication of bacteria. The world’s first shield with additional detectable properties allows it to be detected in metal and X-Ray detectors. The hexagonal shape of all guards ensures comfort of use and protects the lance from rolling over an inclined surface.

antimicrobial protection

Lance covers are made of plastic with an antimicrobial additive, which inhibits the multiplication of bacteria and fungi.

obudowa lancy

The lance guard is hexagonal in shape to prevent it from rolling away.

All nozzles, including foam nozzles, are exclusively made of stainless steel. No brass or plastic nozzles are used. The offer also includes long and long curved lances, which enable convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Lances of non-standard lengths are made on individual order. Lances are suitable for CCS hoses.


Did you know that you should always use the correct lance for rinsing. Flushing with the female quick coupler or directly from the valve results in higher water consumption and lower productivity. Quick couplings can be damaged by flushing the seals.


Did you know that CleanAccess was the first to introduce a lance with an antimicrobial shield detectable by metal and X-Ray detectors.

Lance i dysze Ultra Hygienic
Lance i dysze Ultra Hygienic 4
Lance i dysze Ultra Hygienic 4