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Using of lances ULTRA HYGIENIC®  and nozzles during the cleaning process is extremely important. Choosing the right nozzle calibration significantly affects the efficiency of cleaning, reduces its time, and also reduces the costs associated with the consumption of media – water and chemicals. The angle of the water jet as well as the flow should be adapted to the type of washed surface and the given stage – rinsing, foam application, disinfection.

płukanie - lanca
For rinsing always use appropriate lance.
Always use a suitable lance for rinsing. Flushing with a quick-connect fitting or direct flushing from the valve results in higher water consumption and lower working efficiency. Quick couplings can be damaged by flushing the seals. The offer also includes long and long curved lances, which enable convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach places.
Lanca do płukania spachelkowego
Lanca do płukania punktowego
Lanca pianowa
Lanca dezynfekująca