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Stainless steel automatic reels for cleaning hoses are ideal for maintaining hygiene in food processing, pre-rinsing, cleaning and chemical transfer. Ergonomically designed and made of high-quality stainless steel, they are designed for the most demanding sanitary conditions. They can significantly improve efficiency, productivity and safety at work. Storing antibacterial hoses outside the floor allows to extend their life, organize the work space and improve the safety of employees, eliminating the risk of tripping over them.


Did you know that our screw and crimp ends are designed specifically for ULTRA HYGIENIC® hoses to adhere exactly to them. Using an additional cover ensures durability of connections, hygiene and comfort of use.

Choosing the right reel for a specific hose length is only half the battle. An extremely important aspect is also the storage of cleaning accessories in an appropriate manner. Proper care for washing hoses, hanging them on drums or hangers will significantly affect their service life and prevent possible damage. Our offer includes automatic and manual drums, standard hoses for cleaning hoses, as well as specially designed turntables for drums, thanks to which you can avoid unexpected damage to the drum or wall during use, and the cleaning itself becomes more convenient.

automatic hose reels
automatic hose reels
automatic hose reels

Hose reels (reelers)

The automatic and manual stainless steel reels for cleaning hoses we offer have been designed to maximally support the maintenance of the highest level of hygiene in food processing. In the food industry, many steps, such as pre-rinsing, washing and transfer of chemicals, require their use. The use of professional coiling drums, hangers, reelers or drum coilers and turntables has a positive effect on efficiency, productivity and work safety. They not only extend the life of the hoses, but also thanks to the ergonomic construction made of the highest quality stainless steel, they are adapted to demanding sanitary conditions. The use of automatic and manual drums to store the hoses organizes the production space and improves the safety of employees. Equipping the plant with drums also standardizes the manner of handling hoses after their use and excludes the possibility of their accidental damage. The baling drums we offer can be used in both CMS and low pressure cleaning systems.

Why choose CleanAccess hose reels?

The stainless steel self-winding drums have a durable and hygienic design. Their use protects the hose against quick damage and increases the level of order in the production space, which directly translates into the safety of employees. The reels are equipped with acid-resistant, angular stainless steel swivels, thus they do not force the connection hose to be bent. They have special latches that allow you to lock the hose and work safely and freely. CleanAccess automatic reels have a simple and therefore reliable design. They are equipped with slide bearings (shells), which are not emergency and work very well, especially in wet production conditions.

We offer hose reels ½ and ¾ inch in diameter, 20 meters and 25 meters long, as well as ½ inch in diameter and 35 meters long.

Automatic Reels for ½ inch hoses – can be used for temperatures up to 140 ° C with low pressure hoses and high pressure hoses (200 bar maximum).

Automatic Reels for ¾ inch hoses – Can be used up to 100 ° C, using low pressure hoses, with a maximum pressure of 100 bar.

Accessories – reels swivel, hose hangers

Our offer includes automatic self-winding drums and manual drums, as well as turntables and wall reinforcements adapted to them. They are useful to support the structure when we have doubts about its strength. We also offer hose hangers, which can be treated as a replacement for drums, mainly in the case of low-pressure or short hoses. Similarly to reels, these are accessories that improve order and safety in the production space. They are made of stainless steel and ensure a long service life of the hoses. Their well-thought-out design without gaps and sharp edges ensures good functional properties, as well as an adapted holder for the end of the hose. We recommend the configuration of winding reels with professional swivels. This improves the convenience and comfort of using hoses and reels. It allows you to rotate the reel horizontally up to 180 °, as well as fold it in a way that minimizes sticking out of the wall, ceiling or the ground to which it is attached.

We offer comprehensive solutions

CleanAccess experts also offer their professional help and professional support in the configuration of the entire set. On individual request, we deliver ULTRA HYGIENIC® color-coded hose reels, with valves, connection hoses, quick couplings, lances and other fasteners for foam CSM of your choice. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the necessary technical issues.