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Our offer for Central Foam Cleaning Systems includes reliable, high-quality washing hoses. Available in a variety of lengths, with dedicated crimp or twist terminations and antimicrobial sheaths. In addition to washing hoses, color-coded covers of female quick couplers are also available, which, when plugged into a valve or a washing gun, additionally indicate which color of accessories is valid in a given production zone.

CleanAccess keeps track of and follows the latest hygiene standards. When designing and creating his products, he tries to adapt them to the needs of the market, and above all to the HACCP, IFS and BRC standards. One of such solutions are antimicrobial ULTRA HYGIENIC® cleaning hoses available in 4 colors. This solution allows the use of a hose of a specific color only in one zone, which completely eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination. An antibacterial and antifungal additive gives additional protection and ensures the highest standard of hygiene. The outer layer is resistant to various chemicals. Does not stain the surface.


Did you know that the hoses have a layers structure with double textile reinforcement, which makes them flexible and extremely durable.


Did you know that storing cleaning hoses on drums significantly extends their lifetime, which reduces their operating costs.


Cleaning hoses for the Central Medium Pressure Cleaning System

We offer the highest quality ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses manufactured for the food industry. Antibacterial hoses are suitable for food production plants, including: fruit and vegetable processing plants, delicatessen (production of frozen or chilled food), dairy and meat processing, slaughterhouses, bakeries and confectioneries and in the HoReCa sector – that is wherever it is necessary to maintain high production hygiene. They have a strong structure ensuring reliable operation. ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses are innovative and completely safe products to be used in the central cleaning system in food production. They are available in various variants so that you can adapt them to your individual needs. Their antimicrobial properties ensure maximum hygiene.

Properties of ULTRA HYGENIC® cleaning hoses

ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses are innovative products with a durable and flexible structure. They are resistant to many chemicals and microorganisms present in the food industry. They have the required approvals and comply with European standards for equipment of hygiene systems that come into contact with food substances. They are made of a layered structure enriched with double textile reinforcement. This design affects their flexibility and durability. When buying hoses, it is worth remembering about the protection of employees – we recommend waterproof clothing dedicated to food production companies. They can be bent without fear that they will break, the water flow will also not be restricted. The outer cover to protect the hoses is made of plastic. It is non-dusting, does not scratch the floor, and is resistant to most detergents and oils. Our offer includes hoses for the food industry in 4 colors and with additional fasteners to facilitate the use of the hoses. Hoses are also available in a connection version for reels.

The use of ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses

ULTRA HYGENIC ® hoses are perfect for central medium pressure washing system. They can be used with hot and cold water as well as with active foam. They are comfortable and light. They can be used directly with installations operating in food production plants, connected to the mains or with a water pump. We also offer low pressure hoses for washing with mains water.

ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses color coded

We offer color-coded hoses. We know how important it is to prevent food contamination or cross contamination. Therefore, we provide ready-made solutions to prevent such situations. Hoses in different colors allow to distinguish them in a simple and easily identifiable way in terms of the area of ​​use. For employees, it is also information that suggests the zone in which the hose should be used. Thus, it contributes directly to maintaining a high level of safety and hygiene at all stages of food processing. Any attempt to misuse the hose is easy to spot and avoid confusion. The use of color coding in the production of hoses has been applied by us because we know how important this universal method is in the context of language barriers among employees. The color identification of the hose is quickly assimilated, increases work efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors.

Additional hose accessories

We encourage you to equip the ordered ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses with dedicated crimp or screw terminations. Their use enables convenient and quick installation of hoses to guns or valves. The female quick coupler allows you to quickly attach accessories such as lances and nozzles for rinsing and foaming without the use of lubricants and seals, and the swivel does not rewind the hose. To extend the life of ULTRA HYGENIC® hoses, we offer the possibility of configuring them with stainless steel drums and hangers. These products improve their performance and have a positive effect on the level of safety in the place of their use. Only the storage of hoses on specially designed hangers or drums ensures their maximum efficiency and minimizes the space they occupy.