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Due to the type produced food, the conditions in the production hall and pollution generated during this process, various types of washing and disinfecting agents are used for cleaning. Regardless of whether you are using acid or alkaline agents, they should be stored in a safe way, not threatening the produced food and employees.

In accordance with applicable food safety standards such as IFS, BRC,  washing agents should not be present in the hall during the production process, and free access to them should be eliminated.

The ideal solution is our Lockable canister holder with Master Key system – one key for all holders on the production site. In our offer you will also find standard hangers for chemistry canisters, as well as hangers for smaller chemical capacities, e.g. for hygienic sluices or sinks.

lance i węże - zasysanie chemii

Durable and ergonomic accessories for chemicals suction are not only convenience for everyday use. They also guarantee the satellite stations and the entire Central cleaning system installation safety. High quality suction tubes with replaceable strainers – made entirely of stainless steel – eliminate the possibility of dirt or crystallized chemistry getting inside the injector, thus ensuring its trouble-free operation. Resistant to aggressive chemicals suction hoses  allow the free flow of the chemicals to satellites, in which the nonreturn valves guarantee the flow of the medium only in one direction.