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Various types of washing and disinfecting agents are used for cleaning. Regardless of whether they are acidic or alkaline preparations, they must be stored safely, so as not to endanger the food produced and workers. The ECON economic hangers can be used for areas with lower security requirements. Stainless steel hangers that allow you to stably hang the canister to easily maintain the hygiene of the floor. Available in different sizes for 5, 10, 25 and 2 x 25 l canisters.

According to the applicable food safety standards, such as IFS, BRC, cleaning agents should not be in the hall during the production process, and free access to them should be eliminated.

The perfect solution is the secure, lockable ULTRA HYGIENIC® hanger with the Master Key system – one key for all hangers in the production plant. The offer also includes hangers for smaller volumes of chemicals, e.g. for hygienic locks or dosing stations – 5L, 10L, 25L and 2x25L.


Did you know that food protection is not the same as food safety, it complements it and focuses on protecting food resources from deliberate contamination by people who want to harm a business or buyers. Side effects can lower the reputation of companies’ brands and, in more drastic situations, lead to the loss of health or life of consumers.


Did you know that the hygienic structure and the sloping roof of the ULTRA HYGIENIC® safety hanger effectively protect the hanger from contamination and the canister from undesirable effects. For large canister hangers, which are heavy and are mounted to structurally weak walls, we offer wall reinforcements or stainless steel supports.

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Durable and ergonomic accessories for suction of chemicals are not only convenient for everyday use. It is also the security of satellite stations and the entire Central Cleaning System installation. High-quality suction tubes with replaceable screens – made entirely of stainless steel – eliminate the possibility of contamination or crystallized chemicals from entering the injector, thus ensuring its failure-free operation. Suction hoses resistant to aggressive chemical agents allow for free flow of chemicals to the satellites, in which the check valves guarantee the flow of the medium only in one direction.

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safe canister holder