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We have expanded our offer of equipment for washing systems with Central Units in OPC (Open Plant Cleaning) systems with pumps for decentralized medium pressure washing systems, in which the chemical preparation is sucked locally by satellite at the washing point For decentralized systems, we offer single-pump Central Units, designed for 4 or 6 users, Multi-pump Units, as well as Mobile Units.


Our pumps are always equipped with:

  • durable and hygienically made stainless steel frame.
  • protection against dry running and overheating.
  • automatic venting system.
central unit
central unit

In special cases, when it is necessary to install the Central Unit in the production area, we recommend using a pump in a hygienic stainless steel housing. It protects the pump and electronic components from damage and contamination. The automation solutions used in our sets allow you to save electricity and have full control over the device. We encourage you to choose the option with a touch panel and full media reporting. Controlling the station by means of a PLC controller gives the possibility of archiving data. Additional options include remote connection to a computer for on-line data transfer, installation of a flow meter and archiving of water consumption, or connecting an Internet modem for remote connection to the device.

decentral cleaning system
hygienic housing

Our Central Units are equipped with multistage pumps by Grundfos – one of the leading manufacturers of such solutions in the world.


Regular servicing of the Central Units will ensure their longer and more efficient operation.

central unit with housing
central point - pump
central point - pump