CleanAccess medium pressure cleaning system

The Central Medium Pressure Cleaning System is currently the most popular solution that allows washing with the use of pressure, as well as precise dosing of chemicals. Cleaning is possible with the foam and rinsing function that can be done in any production room. We separate central and decentralized systems. The central (prediluted) system doses the chemical agent centrally (pre-diluted) to the installation. Decentralized systems allow for individual dosing of any chemical preparation – different at each washing point.

The Central Cleaning System can be used in any sector of the food industry: meat, fish processing, dairy and beverage production, confectionery industry, fruit and vegetable processing, etc. It is built with a water network and compressed air installation. The main element is the Central Unit (pump with accessories). It is responsible for increasing the pressure of water, which is the main medium in the washing process. An inseparable part of the central unit are satellite stations (satellites) – stationary or mobile. Thanks to them, it is possible to dose detergents and then foam washing, rinsing and disinfection.

decentral cleaning system
prediluted central cleaning system
hygienic housing